Prayer for Rowan Ford and Her Family

Heavenly Father, Comforter and Protector, I come asking You to watch over young Rowan Ford. Please take the soul of this little girl into Your arms, comfort her and welcome her home, into Your eternal kingdom.

Lord, I ask that You touch her family and grant the graces necessary for them to shoulder this cross. Although it appears to be the darkest of times, let them realize Your Light of Love shines upon them and that Your children grieve with them and pray for them. Father, walk with her family as they take each difficult step forward. When they falter, let them know that it is You who bears their burden and enables them to carry on. May they never doubt Your love for them, and may they find the peace that comes from abiding with You.

Lord, I ask that You touch the heart of those who harmed her, or have knowledge of the circumstances, that they may do the right thing. I pray that they should come to repentance and receive your forgiveness.

Lord, I ask that You touch the minds of all parents of young children, that they may be given the wisdom and means to protect their children from those that might do them harm.

Lord, finally, I ask that You touch me. Help me to not hate the people that killed this innocent little girl. As hard as it is for my mortal mind to understand: You still love them and I should love them too.

In Jesus name,