Portraits of Prayer

Prayer is a universal human experience. There does not appear to be a culture in the world that does not have some means of prayer, some way of communicating with the Divine.

“Somewhere in every man there is the capacity for worship and prayer, for the apprehension of God and the love of him. Praying is a practice like breathing or eating.”
~~ Harry Emerson Fosdick

From Pentecostal ministers roaring hallelujahs to the chants of Greek Orthodox choirs, from a widow silently mourning to a child’s closed-eyes request for a wanted toy, from professional athletes pointing to the sky to the Mormon family on fast Sunday: folks are praying all over the world and in many different ways.

We pray standing; sitting; kneeling; prostrate on the floor; eyes opened; eyes closed; hands folded or clasped; hands upraised; holding hands with others; a laying on of hands and others. Prayers can be recited from memory, read from a book of prayers, or ad libbed as they are prayed. They may be spoken, chanted, or sung, sometimes with musical accompaniment.

The following “art” is Chi Rho’s Portraits of Prayer. A collection of images of prayer. Today the collection contains over 125 images. I am always on the look for interesting images of prayer to add to the collection.