A Prayer For Southern California

A Prayer For Southern California

Heavenly Father, I turn away from my own problems and come to You for those whose homes have been darkened by disaster in recent days.

There are so many who are injured, bereaved, and homeless. Bewildered and fearful, their faith has been shaken by this tragedy. Most merciful God, wrap your arms of grace around them, until they know they are safely held in your embrace. Assure them You are with them in their suffering and sorrow. From You alone can come the spirit that will lift them above their darkness and enable them to return to a life of purpose, hope, and peace.

Please bless those who are working for their relief: risking their lives to help, to heal, and to comfort. I pray, that You will fill my heart with the same compassion, and give me eyes to see how I might, even from a distance, share in their task and be a part of the healing.

I ask this as a faithful servant of Jesus Christ our Lord.