As Long as There’s a Christmas

As Long as There’s a Christmas

The first few lights glow brightly,
as you watch the season start.
You know you should be happy,
but don’t feel it in your heart.

Instead you think about a time
when someone laughed with you,
and the love you shared then filled your soul.
But too soon it was through.

So Christmas comes with sadness,
and a yearning deep inside,
a thirst for love and peace and hope
that will not be denied.

Late one night you hear a voice,
so soft, and without blame,
and then, surprised, you realize,
He’s calling you by name.

“I know your hurt and loneliness,
the heartache that you bear.
I listen and I cry with you
through every single prayer.

“I promised in the manger
and fulfilled it from the cross.
I built a home that’s filled with love
for all those who are lost.

“So let me come and heal your heart
and give you rest within.
For my way is kind and gentle
and will bring you joy again.”

His words still echo through the years,
a vow that He made true,
“As long as there’s a Christmas,
I will be in love with you.”

Jack Zavada

The Good & Bad Days of Prayer

The Good & Bad Days of Prayer


There are good days and bad days.


On a bad day:

I find myself in difficulty, so
I pray;

Worry stifles me, so
I pray;

Temptation overcomes me, so
I pray;


On a good day:

I pray,
and I overcome temptation;

I pray,
and I stifle worry;

I pray,
and in difficulty, I find myself.

~ by Lester Wall

Every Morning


Every Morning

Every morning lean thine arms awhile

Upon the window-sill of heaven

And gaze upon thy Lord,

Then, with vision in thy heart,

Turn strong to meet thy day.


~by Thomas Blake

We Give You Thanks, O Lord

We give You thanks, O Lord.

For faith in a world laden with fears;
For joy in a world drowning in tears;

For justice in a world that is so unfair;
For hope in a world filled with despair;

For the family and friends we know and love;
For your grace and guidance from above;

For our humble home; For all we wear;
For our daily bread; For our nightly care;

We give You thanks, O Lord.



~ by Lester Wall

The Coach’s Prayer


Heavenly Father guide me
As I try to coach this team
To build each other’s character
And boost their self-esteem.

May I keep an even temper
And remember it’s a game.
Let me not have favorite players
But treat them all the same

Grant me patient wisdom
As I praise them or correct
Remembering that I must work
To earn each one’s respect.

Lord, whether we may win or lose,
May all who are watching see
The kind of coach at every game
That you would like me to be.


Happy Birthday Raquel

Raquel & Me

My Dearest Raquel,

May this day and all your days be filled with the wonder of God’s special love for you.

On your birthday, I pray for your happiness, of course, but also for a greater sense of fulfillment in work, and a sense of satisfaction in all that you have accomplished. Above all, may you rest secure in the knowledge of my unending devotion and God’s constant love.

On this your special day, I pray for you.
I pray for sunshine and warmth.
I pray for smiles and love.
I pray for friends that are true.
I pray for unexpected moments of joy and laughter.
But most of all, I pray for peace for you.

I am thinking of you on your birthday and holding you close to my heart. My prayer for you this day and everyday is for a sense of fulfillment, for confidence and enjoyment in all that makes you special, and for a deep and abiding peace within.

May God keep you in touch with all that you are and all that you are meant to be.


I am so blessed
To have a wife like you
Without you by my side
I don’t know what I’d do

Whenever I need
You’re there for me
A better wife
You couldn’t be

The love we share
Will always be strong
In my eyes
You can do no wrong