Prayer for World AIDS Day

December 1st is World AIDS Day. On that day and on the Sundays nearest it, people and churches around the world will be praying in response to the AIDS pandemic.No region is unaffected; no person is untouched. Here, too, while AIDS is less visible and less prevalent than it is in some countries, many among us are living with, or affected by HIV and AIDS, and need prayers, love and support.

Dear God, we ask you to walk with us in our HIV and AIDS filled world.

We pray expecting Your presence among us!

Be with all who live with the effects of this disease.Be with those who wait to die because they have no access to medication.
Be with children who received HIV as a legacy from their parents.Be with orphans and families who have lost loved ones.
Be with countries who have millions of citizens with HIV/AIDS.
Be with all who are stigmatised and ignored because they have HIV or AIDS.Be with politicians and corporate executives who control access to affordable medications.
Be with researchers and scientists who work to find a cure.
Be with healthcare workers and caregivers who comfort and encourage.
Be with all who have lost hope because of HIV and AIDS.

Lord, we hear the angel’s song of peace!

Fill the hearts of people around the world with good will so that together we can work for justice and healing for all who suffer from HIV and AIDS.Amen.

The prayer above comes from the Diakonia Council of Churches, based in Durban, South Africa ( who have kindly given permission for its reproduction.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. There is so much to be done in the fight against HIV/AIDS which is claiming the lives of millions of people and causing millions of children to become orphans. The National Day of Care is a nonprofit Christian group that urges all Americans to respond to this disaster and has created a “day” for donating and spreading awareness on Feb. 10. Please help us spread the word about this. Visit Thank you!

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