Prayer for Young Athletes

Heavenly Father, be with my young athletes as they test their physical skills.

Let them play well, but fairly.
Let competition make them strong, but never hostile.

Grant them the strength to best their opponent, and lead them to always help the opponent up.
Grant them moments to rejoice, but not in the adversity of others.

Help them stay safe from injury, both physical and emotional.
Help them to learn something that matters once the game is over.
Help them remember that sports are just games.

If they know victory, allow them to be happy.
If they are denied, keep them from envy.
If through athletics, they set an example, let it be a good one.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus



  1. I believe this prayer is great. I’m a catholic, and my opinion is self explanatory. I’m 14 years old, and I used this prayer for a swim meet.. But I changed a couple words to fit the swimming criteria. I also left out a line or two, but overall, it’s an amazing prayer.

  2. this is a nice prayer it does fit with what i am looking for:) tnx for sharing this!:)

  3. using this prayer for my youth group’s winter olympics.


  4. thnx for sharing this prayer, it is what im looking for..

  5. yes this prayer am looking for long hour thxs jeuse

  6. Prayer for all my Athlets run for their best time tomorrow competition .Amen

  7. Thank you , will use it at our Athletics day and may my athletes take it to heart!

  8. this prayer should not just be said. It should comes from the heart. God bless all athletes.

  9. today all my athlets will run bless them to run their best time .

  10. Im 17 years old and was searching for ideas for a prayer to say with my lacrosse team before games. when looking i saw this and was thinking yes this is a good prayer. but in the same way i dont think our prayers to our Lord should be ritualistic. that we should talk to God from our heart and what he puts on it and not just the same thing over and over. but pray to God in the loving relationship its supposed to be instead of telegraming a note to God and getting lost in the ritual of the prayer. get lost in God and his love.

  11. I love the prayer, I’ll use this for our sports fest invocation. Thanks so much for sharing this one..

  12. i belive in this prayer..coz i’am a young athlete..
    and i follow the message of his prayer..

  13. i hv faith in this prayer and i know it will give me courage during the athletic event….

  14. i hv faith in this prayer and i know it will give me courage during the athletic event….

  15. i am a senior and a catholic high school and we always pray before out soccer games and we started a new tradition of saying this one.

  16. i love this prayer i will pray for my child he is running track this year he did really well last week. But this week he didnt place and he was so embarrassed i couldnt do anything but ask God to console his heart. I just want the things that he wants God is my only answer please pray with me that my son time in track is a joyous one and he achieves what he is looking for.


  17. i like this prayer..i used this to my opening prayer in our sports events!

  18. I would like permission to re-print this prayer for use in a coach and sport parent resource guide. Can you write to me please, Thank you!

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